Our Story

How did Linwood Forest Insurance Group came to be? Lets go back to the beginning. Our founder and principal agent, Dave Lin was surfing the dangerous world of the internet one day when he tripped and fall into the insurance industry. After trying to climb out of the hole, he found out he liked it; so he choose to bury himself in the industry instead. That’s the short version. The medium length version is presented as a condensed time line for your viewing pleasure below.
  • Dave was bored one day
  • Dave joins a meet-up group on the web
  • Dave got recruited into a financial services firm
  • Dave decided to add property and casualty insurance to his repertoire
  • Dave learns how to do auto, home, business insurance
  • Dave opens his own insurance agency
  • Dave’s agency is growing, clients are raving and now Dave is happy
End of story?

No. Dave, his team and his agency’s story and commitment to the clients continues to the present and into the future. We are here to stay and we welcome you to tell us your story and how we can help to protect it. Want to hear more stories of Dave and his team? Subscribe to our newsletter or like our Facebook page. Maybe one day Dave will share some stories of his time served in the US Navy or his childhood in China.

Your Insurance….Our Priority